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Topic: kontakt 1.5 and GPO on Mac

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    kontakt 1.5 and GPO on Mac

    Could someone please help on a simple matter:

    I use Garritan Personal Orchestra instruments on Kontakt 1.5 (both as a standalone and VST with Cubase). I am not very midi-literate, and would like to know what settings I need to change in KONTAKT so that the volume of the Garritan instruments is no longer controlled by the modulation wheel but rather by the pitchbend on my keyboard.

    I have tried going to MOD on the amp module, and changing CC1 to pitchbend (with volume on the righthand side), but this doesn't seem to do anything different (i.e. pitchbend still bends the notes and mod wheel still controls volume).

    Any help would be much appreciated. I have tried searching this forum without much success.

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    Re: kontakt 1.5 and GPO on Mac

    I believe you would switch the midi CC assignments on your controller, not in Kontakt. The question is why you would want to assign CC1 to a spring loaded lever? It's much easier to deal with smooth controller changes with a wheel, fader or knob.
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