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Topic: is this a issue? reg # not taking

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    is this a issue? reg # not taking

    on a NEW CLEAN install on a clean XP box i noticed that when i try to register
    the reg# is grayedout and but when i enter my reg key # i get invalid key error then when i then launch giga it seems to be registered?? - (in the help section). yet again in the license manager it says it is NOT registered - SO WHICH IS IT?? i guess ill know in 10 days
    i seem to remember something similar with v. 2.5 along these lines.
    i guess the questions is why when i installed did it NOT create a reg number?? should i uninstalll and reinstall??

    ( btw the only reason i know the reg # and the key number is cuz i wrote them down when i installed on w2000 last week on the same box

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    Re: is this a issue? reg # not taking

    Did you perhaps use the "backup registration" button before you actually registered the product?

    It sounds like you have a Windows registry "mixup", and you will probably have to call Tascam help you fix it.

    I did what I described above and it caused GS3 to do exactly what you described -- the Reg number (challenge code) was greyed out.

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    Re: is this a issue? reg # not taking

    Make sure you filled in ALL the required fields on the registration number including the CD KEY and the Company Name. The user names and the company name have to each have at least 3 characters in them. Tripped over that on 2.5. 2.5 would appear to work but the TASCAM server refused to eat the generated registration key.

    Now if I could just get @&*^! TASCAM's registration server to kick out my GS3 license.

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    Re: is this a issue? reg # not taking

    I had the same thing happen to me. I inadvertently hit the restore registration button and thinking I was following the registration path, I restored a null registration.

    My solution was to do a GigaClean (kills the 10-day deal), reinstall the app (not the content) and immediately call Tascam at 8am PST. Don't do a GigaClean on a Friday night. You might then need to wait until Monday morning to use GS3 again!


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    Re: is this a issue? reg # not taking

    This was the only product I've had real hassles with registering. I made the same the mistakes as well.
    Last night I got 2 reg codes that didn't work.

    I also got the grey out area until I installed Giga Pulse.

    Too bad no one was warned about Giga clean.

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