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Topic: Is a DVD drive neccessary for installation?

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    Is a DVD drive neccessary for installation?

    My Giga machine doesn't have a DVD drive. IS the program going to ask me to put one of the DVDs in for proof like GS160 with the giga piano CD?
    I have a DVD drive on one system, could I install it their temporarily and move the authorization to my Giga machine?

    There is no mention of a DVD drive on the system requirements. I think it is wrong that they assume everyone has them on their gigamachines.

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    Re: Is a DVD drive neccessary for installation?

    I installed it to my Giga machine over the network from my DAW machine's DVD drive... it worked fine.

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    Re: Is a DVD drive neccessary for installation?

    All of the disks are DVDs, including the "Application DVD" which contains the GS3 player, editor, and GigaPulse.

    The installation asks if you want to intstall GigaPiano II, but there is no "insert disk" checking like GS2.

    You could probably temporarily install a DVD drive on your computer.

    I have an external Sony DVD +R/W - R/W "combo" drive which I like very much (has both USB 2.0 and FW interfaces). I used it to install GS3 Orchestra, and I use it to back up my sample libraries.

    UPDATE: After re-reading your post, you MIGHT have a problem. You definitely can NOT "move" authorizations. The "challenge" code that is created is based on a profile of your GIGA computer (I think just the main hard drive, but I am not sure). You should be able to:
    - connect a DVD drive to your GIGA computer
    - install the software
    - use the "Off-line" registration process (if your GIGA computer does not have internet access)
    - after completing the registration/authorization process, then disconnect the DVD drive.

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    Re: Is a DVD drive neccessary for installation?

    I got a USB IDE hardware case for $45. I have 3 40bg drives laying around. That should take care of that.

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