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Topic: Key-switch Question

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    Key-switch Question

    I have some libraries with the key switch feature, however my keyboard (a Fatar) just doesn\'t have enough keys to go down to the C where key-switching usually starts. I know that I could handle the problem with a 88 key key-board. But maybe there are other ways:

    1. Software Solution: Could the key-switch keys be shiftet up half an octave?

    2. Hardware Solution: Are there other midi devices which could send out those None-on/off signals which are needed? Maybe buttons which could be placed closer to the playing area like \"combination pistons\" on a church organ where one can just reach the buttons with the thumb while still playing on the manual?

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    Re: Key-switch Question

    Howz about someone in the know answering this question? I have a 76 key controller, and these switches are just too low.

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    Re: Key-switch Question

    Check out Yellow Tools Keyswitch. You\'ll find it on the www. It\'s free. It works. It\'ll do what you want to do, I think.

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    Re: Key-switch Question

    Yes, I have too 5 octave keyboard (old Korg M1ex) and keyswitches can be little problematic!
    But you can easily change keyswitch notes in instrument properties for more suitable
    key area. Don\'t forget press Apply and then save the gig file.

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    Re: Key-switch Question

    Thanks for the hints. I got a Sudiologic 880 in the meantime which handles the problem. I assume that the \"instrument properties\" will show up in the Instrument Editor. I tried to open a Gig2 file
    in the Editor and [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] the computer just started re-booting. Does anybody know what that could be?

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