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Topic: Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

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    Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

    I have a template with a \"CLICK\" sample on channel 16. A piano is on CH 1.

    Often when Giga loads, it will fill up all the blank slots between the piano and the click with that same CLICK sample. So I have 13 more CLICK channels. I\'ve seen it load multiple copies of the same patch in other instances as well, and am wondering if this is a known bug....thanks!

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    Re: Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

    That has got to be the wierdest bug yet. Better give some specifics on versions, hardware, OS and the like

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    Re: Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

    Can you get an exact way how to copy this behaviour?

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    Re: Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

    I noticed this too yesterday using the latest patch (2.52.06) on a ME-system. Brought up an old performance with 4 instruments and the last instrument was copied to midichannels 5-16. Never seen this under earlier patches.

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    Re: Giga Performance Bug...Anyone Seen This?

    Try the following:

    - Be sure you\'re on version 2.5 or better (2.2 had some problems with Performances)
    - Be sure all of your samples are in version 2 format
    - Be sure there are no non-standard characters in any file names
    - Rebuild your entire Quicksound database from within Giga
    - If none of these work, wait for an upcoming patch that addresses Performance glitches

    I struggled with similar weird bugs until I figured out this procedure with the help of Nemesys engineers. QuickSound appears to be implicated in most of the problems - if it gets \'out of sync\' with the disk\'s directory strange things like this can happen. They\'re working on it.

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