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Topic: Quicksound crashes

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    Quicksound crashes

    Ok, I\'m still having this problem. It would be great to know how many other people are experiencing this. Is this a problem with Gst, or a hardware problem?
    The problem: persistent crashes whenever I rebuild the database.
    I am inclined to discount the corrupt sound file scenario. Why? I got crashes on this system fresh from the vendor-it is a TK-1 from Soundchaser. After s-converting a few CDs, the problem definately got worse. HOWEVER, no single folder will crash the system by itself.There is no consistency to how or when it will happen. Nothing logical here.
    If anything, it seems volume related...quicksound seems too choke when it sees to much data.
    This is the second system in a row from Soundchaser with this problem.
    Windows 98SE
    AMD Atholon 1.4
    1 gig RAM (same problem with 768meg)
    MSI MS-6340M Micro ATX format
    Maxtor 10 gig boot drive
    IBM 60 gig sample drive
    Dakota and Montana with Midi flyer for extra midi
    GEFORCE 2 MX200 32M video card (same problem with native card and Matrox card, forget which one, on first system).
    no other applications installed, except Translator
    Thoughts, anyone? Who else is having this problem?

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    Re: Quicksound crashes

    No rob:

    Common problem for me and XP, and I know that the files are not corrupt. It seems to go away after a few attempts, and its a pain when I edit a file and then have to rerun build database 3or 4 times and reboot in between.

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    Re: Quicksound crashes

    Rob, I had the same problems with my new soundchaser. After a final attempt with quicksound, and after waiting 7 hours for the 5th time to get everything loaded... I thought, what the hell, I\'m calling soundchaser. A bloke called Scott, who sounded out of his depth but was familiar with the problem, gave me some suggestions. We tried it with him still on the phone & lo and behold... it worked. I\'m too new to Giga to walk you through it, so I suggest you call them. The big tip was in the quicksound settings page, to switch off the monitor activity box. If you bought it from soundchaser, like me, then you paid a bit extra, so make the most of them. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Quicksound crashes

    Thanks for the responses. I\'ve already tried turning off monitor activity, to no avail. Are you really getting consistent rebuilds without crashes, or did you just get lucky that time? What I find is it takes about 4 crashes before I get a successful rebuild. I\'ve talked a lot with Soundchaser about this with no results so far.


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    Re: Quicksound crashes

    I have the same results. 4 crashes and a rebuild. I did not upgrade to 2.52.06 It may or may not help.

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