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Topic: Kontakt issues as VST plugin to Sequencer

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    Question Kontakt issues as VST plugin to Sequencer

    OK i'm using Orion (by Synapse), as my sequencer / VST hoster, kinda like Cubase. Anyhow I'm having frustration with Garritan as a VST, and its probably because i don't know what i'm doing. Anyhow everytime i want a new sound, I put another new instance of Garritan Strings into a track. If I have violas anc cellos & a horn section, I'd have 3 instances of the Garritan VST running. Anyhow here are my questions:

    1. when i add a Garritan instance (on a track in Orion) it inserts 8 instruments for that one instance! I've got enough issues w/ memory & CPU, why is it doing this? ie, I pick viola strings (dry), and I see 1 instrument with the strings, and 7 instruments blank. I see also in Kontakt there are 7 empty 'bars' at the top... can someone explain what this is for? What if i don't want to see 7 blank instruments, how do i disable that?

    I'm guessing here - a leap - that the reason there are 8 instruments for 1 instance is that there's a way (i don't know it yet) that you can add up to 8 sound patches on 1 instance. But if I do that, and i move the mod wheel around, it will affect ALL the sounds at once right? Thats pretty silly it seems... Can someone explain

    2. What are channels for?

    3. If i have all the instances (tracks) of Garritan on channel 1, is that a problem?

    4. What is omni and the 1, 2,3, 4 #'s etc in that drop down list?


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    Re: Kontakt issues as VST plugin to Sequencer

    Yes, you can load 8 instruments into each instance. Just highlight the empty instrument slot, click load and pick another instrument. You will want to place each instrument on it's own channel. You can layer instruments by putting them on the same channel. Just click on the channel number to change it. I believe this is described in the user manual.

    There are 16 channels per each MIDI instance. Each instance is a new set of MIDI channels and will not interfere with the other instance.

    OMNI mode will play all channels in this instance, so if your sequencer is sending out on channels 1, 2, 3 and 6 then the instuments set to OMNI will play all these channels. Usually set each channel to just one number. I usually start at 1 and work my way up to 8.

    If you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact Gary Garritan at the support number in your manual.

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