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Topic: Sharing some work

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    Sharing some work - new demos

    I wanted to share a few cues with you all of some stuff I've been working on over the summer. I've been so busy trying to balance day job and composing I haven't had time to get everything online.

    Here's a short cue I wrote for a martial arts film called Ping Shao Han: Ascension:


    This one is the Main Titles of a Comic Superhero action comedy called Instinct Vs. Reason:


    Everything I learned about jazz, I learned from Twin Peaks (my apologies in advance to people who know something about jazz and piano playing):


    Next monday, I have my first scoring session for a little horror film called Dead Line and the score will be recorded live (woohoo!). I will definitely keep you all posted on that:


    Almost everything was GPO. I have a Roland XV88 and some expansion cards that I occaisionally rely on for things that GPO doesn't do, like synth pads etc... Realizing the music for Dead Line, I tried to blend the Roland Symphonique Strings with GPO for a nastier bite. I was still working on fine tuning the mix when suddenly the funding for a live session came through.

    There are more excerpts from each project on my website (www.houseofblackbirds.com), if you'd like to hear more.

    Thanks Gary for making GPO!


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    Re: Sharing some work


    What a treat! It's like a musical banquet you have set before us. Your music is very varied and tasteful.

    With Ascension, I like how you used western instruments and achieved a hallmark oriental sound. Excellent composition and arrangement. The Main Title was energetic and exciting. I think this would benefit from the new updates coming soon. Unexpected surprise at the end too. Sarah Lee was just plain cool. Jazz harpsichord? It works. Cool and smooth (can't go wrong with Twin Peaks). The deadline intro was perfect for horror. Excellent arrangement as well.

    You have quite a talent for composition and your music is very diverse and colorful. You paint nice pictures with your music.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your music with us.

    Gary Garritan

    P.S. Good luck with your first scoring session for "Dead Line"

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    Re: Sharing some work

    Woe! I am going to concur with what Mr. Garritan stated plus I love the low strings and their effect on your music. Nice programming!
    Having breakfast while listening. Nice!

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    Re: Sharing some work - new demos

    The thing that most impressed me was your ability to create these different styles of music, good job!

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    Re: Sharing some work

    Thanks for all the compliments, guys. It was a lot of hard work under a lot of pressure and a pretty short turn around. I saw a lot of 5 am's. The martial arts film came about by the producers not having any money for techno music, and I offered to do it for free. They promised me the film would get a lot of exposure, and so far it has. It even got me my first review: www.kungfu cinema.com/reviews/pingshaohanascension.htm. [I had to put the space there because NS thought I was trying to type profanity (Who me?) and it ruined the link. So copy and paste the link and delete the space.]

    The end of the Main Titles for Instinct Vs. Reason, there's a cut to Instinct the hero, and Reason the villan steps into the frame and says 'Wait! Hold it!' I thought it would be funny if the orchestra fizzled out like they were cut off. Of course the trumpet would keep playing... I didn't want to get link-crazy, and post links to every cue I did in the past two months but the rest of the cues from this film turned out great too. I highly recommend checking out "2nd Attempt."

    Angelo Badalamenti's jazz styles from Twin Peaks, that and the incredibly wonderful oddity of the show itself, will never allow me to feel normal about the walking, or rather, creeping jazz style again. The bass is actually the Solo Bass Pizz. In this case Sarah Lee happens to be a sexy Asian girl involved in a creepy cult, and invites one of the main characters to a party. He thinks he's bartending. He actually ends up naked, bound and gagged. Hilarity ensues.

    As soon as I can get it together, I'll post some excerpts from these films. I still have final versions trickling in from the directors.

    Thanks for listening!

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