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Topic: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

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    Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Hello all! I\'m so glad I found this forum. Unfortunately, it\'s a problem bringing me here in the first place, and I\'d like some input. Here I go...

    First of all, the specs: Rackmount Athlon 1.7GHz/512MB, Win 2K pro, FAT32 filesystem, standard PC mode, Hammerfall RME Multiface, loads of space on nice, quick EIDE system and audio drives.

    Now, the puzzle: The box runs really well all the time, *except* when certain Garritan marcato strings are loaded. DP3 on the Mac is firing the Giga DAW, 12 or 13 bars of music go by, then the Giga box unexpectedly crashes with a series of dialog boxes that flash by veeery quickly, somewhere along the way announcing FAT32 something, then the PC just reboots itself. It comes back, runs CHKDSK, then sits pretty like nothing happened.

    We have loaded a beta Maestro Tools that is Win2K compatible, but these marcato strings do not need Maestro Tools, so it\'s not running when the crash occurs.

    Now - is there something wrong with using FAT32? Should I use NTFS instead? I\'m thinking I should try to flash the mobo firmware and the disk firmware. I don\'t think it\'s the samples, because the Giga machine isn\'t terribly busy when it chokes. We\'re stumped.

    Needless to say, this error is just happening to come along during the production of a terribly important project. (When else???) A penny for your thoughts...!


    Juan Portela
    Nashville, TN

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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!


    This problem sounds very familiar, so while I ponder this and that I will ask some questions:

    *) Do you have your FAT32 drives formatted with 32k clusters?

    *) Do you have UDMA enabled?

    *) Are there any IRQ Shares on your devices?

    *) Can you review the following web page for optimization and confirm that you did most of the things on this page?


    *) Then LOOK at the following threads and see if any of my help here will address your needs




    This is XP but it may prove useful:


    *) Can you EXPORT from winmsd.exe and place that somewhere on the net where we can get and read it?

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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Thanks, c22 - - that\'ll give me a lot to look at when I return to the studio on Monday. I will get back to you if I find any glaring deficiencies in these configuration details.


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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Okay! We\'re narrowing down the problem. I performed many of the tweaks after reading them, which actually postpones the error for quite a while.

    The problem seems to revolve around MSG32.EXE crashing, and the little error box goes away so fast I can\'t read what it\'s saying. I have an export file from winmsd.exe I\'ll offer up once I get home.

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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Are you running a USB midi interface??
    If so make sure the drivers are the newest available.. Try running it serial instead of Usb if need be.

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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Actually, the RME Hammerfall interface is handling both the audio and MIDI. I\'ll try off-loading the MIDI functions onto a little MOTU FastLane USB interface to see what happens...

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    Re: Giga DAW choking on Garritan!

    Ya I noticed the MSG thing disappear once midiman did an update to their XP driver for the 8x8.

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