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Topic: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

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    Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    I\'m running a 2.0 ghz with 256mb RAMBUS.

    It seems as though Gigastudio is loading the entire sample into RAM. Upon trying to load the female choir from VOTA, I get an error message telling me my machine doesn\'t have enough memory.


    My old p3 550, with the same amount of memory - 256mb - was able to load the female choir, and then some.

    If I load a 20mb violin sample, Giga reports that 20% of my RAM is spoken for. Are there settings somewhere that I should be looking at?

    Please help!

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!


    1) New mobo...new drivers..so how much memory is your OS utilizing now vs your old machine?

    2) Are you running XP or Win98SE? BIG difference

    3) IF windows 98SE do you have these in your SYSTEM.INI?


    4) come to think of it, have you followed all the Win98SE optimization pages out there? XP?
    Are teh settings teh same?

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    Thanks for replying!

    Okay, I\'ll give you as much information as I can.

    Intel Mobo, 850 chipset, 256mb RAMBUS (64x4)

    Win XP: I\'ve followed a few optimization plans, disabling fancy graphics and disabling the onboard sound, though I did not touch any of the memory settings - swapdisk, etc.

    I don\'t know how much RAM WinXP is utilizing now vs the old PC... how do I find that out?

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!


    RUN taskmgr.exe or

    cnrtl-alt-del and select task manager

    goto performance tab

    under physical memory

    (Total - available) /1024 = memory utilized mb

    Only settings to concider in the registry:



    Optimization pages to concider:

    really look at your services that you are running. You can make sme good gains here
    And remember that your pagefile (cache) should be 2X your memory size - no kidding. System will not recognize memory if it isn\'t according to ALOt of admin books...e.g. system will avoid using all memory if it sees it doesnt have adequate swap.

    and get rid of ACPI..I am a STANDARD PC BIGOT!

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    Thanks Composer22 for all your help.

    Here are the numbers under Performance:

    Physical Memory:
    TOTAL: 261132
    AVAILABLE: 157176 (with 23 \"processes\" running)
    SYSTEM CACHE: 175812

    With 23 processes running - Iexplorer.exe, Findfast.exe, Explorer.exe being the biggest - I have 109mb PageFile Usage.

    I only have one application open - Internet Explorer. Nothing in the taskbar.

    Also, moving my mouse in a circle make the CPU usage jump to 10%. (is that normal??)

    What do you deduce from these settings?

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    You have way too many processes running. Cant tell you what to delete out of servces and your STARTUP You are on your own here...check out the optimization pages for suggestions on removing which services and stuff from your startup via msconfig.exe.

    Findfast should be removed.

    Also, if you want this machine to fly yuou should totally dedicate it to giga - e.g. dont do web surfing, MS Office etc.

    Right off the bat approx 100 mb is being used for the OS and other components, that only leaves approx 156 free for yoru giga sounds...and because giga needs non page system memory and your swap file is low, the system is prolly misbehaving

    You need to set your PageFile to 512mb if what you are reporting can be interpreted to your current size - its waaay too low. via control panel/system/advanced/advanced or somewhere in tehre is a cache file size setting. FIX it at 512mb min/max.

    and again kill the background tasks which may get you additional memory (or may not).

    Try and see

    But the truth is you prolly need additional memory. Most systems off teh shelf for giga are pushing 768MB.

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    Thanks Composer22 for your help.

    I upped the swapfile to 512mb and got rid of some background tasks, but I haven\'t noticed a difference in the amount of samples I can load. For example, a 60mb giga file loaded in consumes 16% of memory, which is 41mb of RAM. Why is Gigastudio loading so much of the sample into memory? Doesn\'t that defeat the purpose of hard disk streaming?

    Something is seriously holding back the potential of this machine, but I just don\'t know what it is!

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    Re: Giga weirdness - RAM related. Please help!

    Originally posted by EviLjuaN:
    For example, a 60mb giga file loaded in consumes 16% of memory, which is 41mb of RAM. Why is Gigastudio loading so much of the sample into memory? Doesn\'t that defeat the purpose of hard disk streaming?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">welp, because its not just one sample...one sample per note chromatically etcyoure prolly a touch higher than 110 samples in that file

    and with todays gigas, especially if it is Dan Dean Solo WW\'s for instance, they comsume ALOT of memory...

    \"Although this is a hard disk sampler, it uses system RAM to keep the latency down to a real time level. This is computer system memory. You do not need to put RAM in your soundcard. That won’t make any difference to the GigaSampler. The length of the sample makes no difference. A 10 second and a 10 minute sample use the same amount of memory. A computer with 128 megs of system RAM can load approximately 1200 mono or 600 stereo samples. The complexity of the instrument determines how much memory it will use up. You could have one instrument use up all 700 samples or have 700 instruments with 1 sample each or any combination in between. If you add more RAM to your computer then you can increase this number. GigaSampler will not limit you. The approximate relationship is.
    32 Megs RAM – 216mono\\108 stereo
    64 Megs RAM – 500 mono\\250 stereo
    128 Megs RAM – 1200 mono\\600 stereo
    256 Megs RAM – 2500 mono\\1250 stereo
    And so on. \"

    COmplexity of instrument is the small print.

    Please follow the optimization pages with diligence, then see how much memory you have gained (if any).

    Next, lets see what giga reports. I have a similiar problem with giga but i am running on XP and 2 gigs...Giga can barely read 1 gig of my memory, and there is nothing I can do about it.

    Try o load as many samples until you get error 5\'s, then compare taskmgr vs giga again.

    You might also try the 2.52.06 patch

    Also, make sure you dont have conflicting BANK/patch numbers in your loaded sounds. If you do, edit your samples and change the BANK/patch numbers...a long shot but the DBMS they have internally may play wierd things...long shot...

    Some options for you then are:

    o Stay with WIN98SE which consumes LESS memory.
    o Buy more ram, which I strongly recommend anyway because xp is such a hog

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