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Topic: PC shuts down

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    PC shuts down

    I\'m having some problems with this one pc.

    It\'s an AMD duron 800mhz with one fan and 3 IDE hds. I boot it up and it works fine for about 10-30 minutes, and then it just shuts down and I can\'t turn it on again for like an hour.

    At first I thought the CPU was overheating, but it can\'t be since that should only cause a reboot or freeze the computer, not shut down the whole pc!?

    What can I do? It gets incredibly hot in my room with this pc on and then it shuts down. I have to wait till the room cools down again (It reaches almost 90 degrees fahrenheit - the room).

    What should I do? Should I buy more fans? HD coolers perhaps?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: PC shuts down

    You\'re probably overheating the chipset as well as the video card, hard drive, etc. Pop open your case and point a room fan into the interior and see if that keeps you computer from locking up.

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