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Topic: Need expert help!....configuring Gigastudio, Audiophile 24/96, and SONAR

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    Need expert help!....configuring Gigastudio, Audiophile 24/96, and SONAR


    Do you know where I could find.....or.....could you please give me detailed instructions on how to configure:

    1. GigaStudio
    2. M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 (Delta Mixer Control Panel) and
    3. Cakewalk SONAR.

    I\'ve tried a number of combinations but am having no luck. I\'ve tried to follw the quick start guide and the help commands, but I get confused as to even what ports and channels are?? (I just need to know what buttons to push! ! ! !)

    Right now, if I load an instrument into Gigastudio (ver. 2.52.04) I can\'t even play the builtin midi keyboard on the \"loaded instrument\" page---it will not respond to me clicking on it with the mouse (using Windows XP). Additionally the Nemesys Midi Out ports aren\'t even showing up in SONAR.

    Ultimately, I would love to be able to start GS, then load SONAR through gigastudio and record midi tracks into SONAR from GS, using my MIDI keyboard controller (MIDI-IN Port = B; I have a Cakewalk/Peavey StudioMix Control surface set up on MIDI-IN port A (Midiman MIDISport 2x2)).

    I realize this may be asking a lot, however if you could just help me with....\"what to set up\" and \"where to set it\" to get GS and my Audiophile card to work, I\'m sure I can get SONAR figured later, but right now I think GS and SONAR must be fighting over the same MIDI ports or something (...I guess SONAR should be set to MIDI Ports 3/4 and GS to 1/2??.....but how??------I\'m not sure). What am I supposed to setup in the Audiophile Mixer Control Panel (I get lost with H/W IN 1/2, H/W Wave Out, etc., etc.)? ? ?

    So any help or advice would be greatly greatly greatly appriciated--the more specific the better....or...if you know somewhere else this is posted, please direct me. : )

    Thanks so very much,

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    Re: Need expert help!....configuring Gigastudio, Audiophile 24/96, and SONAR


    Hello, I am writing because I need the same help you do. This way we can suffer thru this together. <hehe> I just bought a new computer to be able to run everything on one computer(P4 1.6 Ghtz, 1 gig memory). I have been told by the Cakewalk people it is possible; because they have several users that are doing it.

    I have been lucky enough to get Gigastudio 96 to run and Sonar to run in XP. I have yet to connect the two. I have read where some people are using a virtual MIDI port to connect them but in the messages I have read regarding this, no one mentioned specifics of where they got this virtual port or what it is called.

    If there is anyone out there that can help Steven and I please post or email us.

    Thanks! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    Garius Hill

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    Re: Need expert help!....configuring Gigastudio, Audiophile 24/96, and SONAR

    First off, I can tell you that it will work.
    It sounds like you\'re not getting midi to flow into the right places, so let me start with that.

    In Sonar/Cakewalk, you have to set the midi in to receive from the midi port that your keyboard is connected to. In midi out, set the output devices to the Gigastudio ports. You mentioned they do not show up - they should. You can also download a free midi program called Hubis loopback or something like that.

    Then in Gigastudio settings, you have to set it to receive midi from the output device(s) you selected in Cakewalk. Be sure to click apply.

    If that\'s not the problem you are having you might post the problem in more detail.

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    Re: Need expert help!....configuring Gigastudio, Audiophile 24/96, and SONAR


    Thanks, I did get my system working. I found the Nemesys ports in the select MIDI port section of Sonar. Everything is working now. I am getting some popping inside Sonar, it improves some when i lower the buffer settings on my soundcard, but it doesn\'t go completely away. I still have some more tweaking to do, I guess.


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