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Topic: Possible GigaPulse Bugs

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    Possible GigaPulse Bugs

    1) I wanted to move the factory impulses after doing the install so I thought I would just move the directory (D:\Tascam\GPulse\Common) to another spot and delete the reference to it in the System Settings-GigaPulse search path settings and add the reference to the new location. Didn't work at all - wouldn't find the new directory and wouldn't delete the old one. I tried re-installing the impulse files from the installation disk to the newly desired directory but this didn't work either. I managed to get stuff back to the original state but got lots of "sending error reports" along the way.

    2) While I was doing all of this I noticed that there were a number of .iis files that seemed interesting so I enabled IIS in "file types" in the GigaPulse/Convolution tab and this gave me even nastier "sending error reports".

    If any one knows how to move the basic impulse files to another location with causing GS3 to barf, I'd love to hear about it. And why does adding .iis files cause things to blow up?


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    Re: Possible GigaPulse Bugs

    As I recall, I copied mine to a different location, added the path in the program and unchecked the original path. It worked fine. I intended to delete the files from the original path, but haven't gotten around to it yet...

    Also, it didn't let me delete the original path from the program. It seem that it needs the original path, and may need a subset of the files to remain there to keep things happy.

    It doesn't seem like a real problem, but the rules of the game should be better specified.


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    Re: Possible GigaPulse Bugs

    In that same GS Settings window, click on the "Help" button at the bottom -- the file can't be found, and I couldn't find it anywhere.

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    Re: Possible GigaPulse Bugs

    Yes, I think it was when I actually deleted the original directories (after unchecking them) that things went bad. But, it was a bit confusing because behavior would change after re-booting (even though no request to re-boot was made). If you manage to delete the original files and still have stuff work I'd like to hear about it - I'm a bit tight on disk space and could use the odd gig here and there.


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