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Topic: reasonably happy with Giga

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    reasonably happy with Giga

    Went to XP realised sound Live card wouldn`t work.so its back to 98.Why should i ditch a perfectly good sound card and now do a reinstall once a week after the errors appear..im not into rocket science.Without this id be lost// If you\'ve re-installed both GigaSampler and GigaStudio multiple times there are a few files hanging around your system causing you trouble.
    Perform a clean install of the program following this procedure and we\'ll go from there.
    1. Browse to Program Files> Nemesys >Gsampler/GigaStudio and save .prf (performance) files for backup. Also back up any .gig files in this directory to another location.
    2. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and be sure that GigaSampler and or GigaStudio is removed.
    3. Re-Start your computer.
    4. Delete all shortcuts and directories for GigaSampler and GigaStudio.
    5. Delete Gsampler/GigaStudio and Nemesys folders and empty the Recycle Bin
    6. Re-Start your computer.
    7. Go to Start>Run> type \"sysedit\" >system.ini and scroll down to the [386enh] section and delete any entries that may have DEVICE=…..\\Nemesys or \\Gsampler or \\Gstudio in them. NOTE TO ME USERS: go to Search>type \"system.ini\" to find this entry. You should find it in Windows>SYSTEM.
    8. Scroll down to the [drivers] section of the system.ini file and delete any entries for MIDI=Gstudio, Gsampler, or Endless Wave drivers
    9. Go to Start>Run> type \"regedit\">HK_CURRENT_USER>Software>Conexant and delete this folder. In the Software folder look for a Nemesys folder and delete it as well.
    10. In the Registry, go to HK_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Conexant and delete this folder. Delete the Nemesys folder as well.
    11. Go to Start>Find>Files or Folders> type \"msg32.exe\" and delete this file. Do a find on all the following files and delete them as well:
    12. Restart the computer.
    13. Install GigaSampler/GigaStudio, register it, being very thorough and exact. This will matter in all future transactions. Installation should proceed and run the QuickSound database.
    14. Go to the Settings in GigaSampler/GigaStudio and configure sound hardware, sample and bit rates, sequencer, wave editor.
    15. Check sound hardware control panel settings to be sure the sample and bit rates are consistent with GigaStudio settings.
    16. Restart GigaSampler/GigaStudio, your installation should be complete

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    Re: reasonably happy with Giga

    Originally posted by voxosoxo:
    Went to XP realised sound Live card wouldn`t work.so its back to 98.Why should i ditch a perfectly good sound card...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Soundblasters and everything else soundwise from Creative are perfectly good game cards but not suitable for audio production. Also I do not think Creative has made GSIF-drivers for the Live.
    Lastly, Microsoft has ceased supporting directsound in XP so Gigastudio is not to blame here. Do yourself a favor and get a cheap,decent GSIF-card like the Audiophile 2496 or something similar. The Nemesys site has a list of compatible cards.

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