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Topic: Giga Problems

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    Giga Problems

    I\'m searching for answers. I keep having pops and clicks with my giga setup. I\'ve done everything I know to do, followed the optimization guide from Tascam, and no one seems to know what\'s wrong with my setup.

    I have the following:

    ASUS PT4 mother board, with 1.7 Ghz P4.
    512M RDRAM
    WD 40 Gig boot drive (7200 RPM 8.9 ms seek)
    WD 100 Gig sample drive (same specs as above)
    Sample drive is run off SIIG ATA 133 PCI card on it\'s own bus.
    Delta 1010
    Giga Studio 160, Win 2k.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Giga Problems

    OS and versionn giga please?

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    Re: Giga Problems

    Giga version 2.5, Win 2k v. 5.00.2195 service pack 2

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    Re: Giga Problems

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    Giga version 2.5, Win 2k v. 5.00.2195 service pack 2
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This is probably obvious, but are you sure you downloaded the XP/2000-version of 2.5?
    There is a 2.5 9x-version as well.

    Also I had to raise the buffer on my Audiophile 2496 to 512 samples to get rid of pops & clicks.

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    Re: Giga Problems

    Which giga version do you have? There are different 2.5 builds. Make sure you have the latest version (2.52.05)

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    Re: Giga Problems

    First, 2.52 is a patch; You will need 2.5.48 XP version and applying the patch MAY or MAY NOT work

    second, make sure you have correct cables. If this is the same problem as on TASCAM.COM You will not get benefits from 66/100/130 if you dont

    third, its difficult to tell w/o seeing EVERYTHING about your configuration. That means looking at your complete setup. If there is anyway you can use msconfig32.exe and save that information, and then put it on an FTP site, we could look at your setup. looking at registry settings and services are also important

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    Re: Giga Problems

    well.... This sucks.. Maybe I screwed up the Win 2k install. Everytime I try to run Msconfig it can\'t find it... in fact. Maybe I\'ll start over again with installing win 2k.

    As for the cable. I have an 80 throughput cable, or 80 wire, or whatever they call it. It came with the card but the dealer told me it was what I needed for the best DMA performance. I\'ll get something else, but I don\'t think I need it. Plus, my bios recognizes the cable, so I\'m not worried about that part.

    Anymore help? I\'m starting to think it has to do with M-audio.... Anyone??

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    Re: Giga Problems

    I did have an earlier version of Giga... 2.5.047. So, Maybe .048 will help, but I think there\'s more to the problem then that......I\'ll let you know (if anyone cares anymore- I know I\'m starting to want to just chunk this thing)

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    Re: Giga Problems

    oops...Xp, win98se and w2k are different

    Try winmsd.exe instead...its the same thing as msconfig32.exe

    play around here check for conflicting devices etc

    UDMA-66 and UDMA100 are the newest standard for IDE drives.
    Up until now, IDE drives have been limited in their speeds due to noise and crosstalk of the normal 40 pin cables.
    The ultra dma has 80 wire conductors and 40 pins.
    The extra wires help make the new udma 66 and umda 100 hard drives perform like SCSI drives.
    It is used between one udma66/100 controller card and up to two storage devices.
    The blue end connects to your controller card or motherboard.
    The black end attaches to your master and/or single drive.
    The gray connects to a second slave drive.
    The distance between the gray and the black is 8\".

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    Re: Giga Problems

    well the box says it\'s 40 pin, 80 wire. I guess that\'s right, I\'ll try that other file and see what happens....

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