Sometimes while I am listening to music in Winamp through my Mia (non-midi), the sound will suddenly stop. Winamp hasn't crashed, but if I try to play something else with it, it will tell me I've selected an invalid DirectSound device. Attempts to use any of the Mia virtual outs fail, with any application, and the problem persists until I reboot my machine. In addition, sometimes when I start GigaStudio 2.5, I will get a message saying something like: "The Conexant WaveStream Manager must now close". GigaStudio then locks up, and I have to forcibly close it. This locks up my Mia just like the aforementioned problem. I'm running an A7N8X Deluxe motherboard on Windows XP SP1. I've checked my RAM for errors (memtest86), and have found none. I'm using the Echo 6.08 drivers.