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Topic: Problems with high polyphony

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    Problems with high polyphony

    I\'m having problems with GigaStudio. My setup is as follows:

    Pentium III 866 Mhz system running Win 98 SE
    ST Audio C-Port
    512 MB RAM
    Three 9GB SCSI drives, one partitioned for system and audio and two others for GS libraries.

    The problem I\'m having is this. When I\'m playing a piece that has high numbers of polyphony, two things can happen.

    1. I hear random notes from random instruments.
    2. I get an \"illegal operation\" dialog. When that happens, the computer completely locks up and a blue screen appears.

    What should I do about this?

    Would it help greatly to switch to Win XP once mult8iclient drivers are available for the C-Port?

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    Re: Problems with high polyphony

    I can\'t say I had the same problem you have, but it was very similar.

    I got GSt160 working great under W98SE, P3-750, 512Mb RAM. 160 voices, no problem. Yet with the same machine, XP Pro, I got problem over 70 or 80 voices. Allan from Tascam called it \"hanging notes\", and it sounds very much like what you said in situation 1.

    I then tried it in my other PC, XP Pro too, but Dual P3-1G, 2G RAM. 160 voices. No problem.

    Therefore I wouldn\'t suggest you go XP, as it needs more PC resource than 98.

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    Re: Problems with high polyphony

    Hi Damien
    I have a setup very similar to yours, except for
    the SCSI:

    1 Ghz Pentium III (DELL)
    40 Gb IDE 100

    I get > 140 voices without bluescreens or random
    notes. I do get some popping at times though.
    But I do get system crashes some times, with
    errors like \'An illegal operation occured in the
    ... of a driver\'
    These normally does\'nt happen during playing, but more during operations with the Gigastudio, Gigaeditor or sequencer.

    Are you running Giga on a dedicated PC or do you
    run Giga + sequencer on the same machine?


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    Re: Problems with high polyphony

    It\'s on the same system. I\'m running it with Logic Platinum 4.8.

    Would it be a good idea to upgrade to a Pentium III 1 Gigahertz?

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    Re: Problems with high polyphony

    na, don\'t think it will make much of a difference.

    Something you should check is the MultiTrack
    Wave Driver in the DSP24 audio settings.
    I used to have all sorts of problems when
    running \'Single-in-sync\' - switch to \'Independent\'
    if its not already.


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