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Topic: DSP audio out settings

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    DSP audio out settings

    I just got Gigastudio 160 V2.50.48
    Everything seems to work perfectly except that
    I do not see the channels 3-8 on the DSP output.
    It seems that only 1-2 is available on my Layla
    24. What do I have to do to activate the other 6 audio channels?
    All Layla channels work on other software e.g, Sound Forge.
    VAIO 690 2,2GHz Pentium 4
    512 MB RAM
    Layla 24 Driver Software 6.03

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    Re: DSP audio out settings

    Check to see that all the outputs are enabled in Giga\'s settings: Settings / Hardware/Routing tab. There should be a series of \"Outputs Enabled\" checkboxes. Enable them if they are not and be sure to click the APPLY button! If this isn\'t the problem, then I\'m sorry I can\'t help. - Doug

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    Re: DSP audio out settings

    Thank you. Your instructions handled my problem. I get now all, actually 10 channels active on LAYLA.


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