Dear GigaFriends,

Cubase VST/32 and Giga on same machine (PIII, 700mhz, 512mb) no problems.

I have a few questions regarding the Capture-to-Wave feature of GigaStudio when I am using Cubase VST/32 as sequencer.

Based on the info that\'s in the Help file, I can make the capture thing work, but:
1. There doesn\'t seem to be any support in GS for song positioning. I have to start Cubase at the very beginning of the song for GS to start the capture even if my MIDI source part doesn\'t kick off until measure 66.
2. The resulting wave doesn\'t seem to always sync completely with the MIDI track when I import it into Cubase.

The detail for this type of operation (and others) in the help seems pretty thin.

Anyone have some pearls of wisdom they can share with a similar set-up?