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Topic: Orchestra instrument range poster

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    Orchestra instrument range poster

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    I'd like to hang big poster on my studio wall like this http://www.completechords.com/Images..._MusInst_1.jpg

    It'll be very usefull while composing music for orchestra. Do you have any idea where can I find really big and usefull poster like this. Or do you have any suggestions...

    Thanks in advance
    Koray Ustuner

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    Re: Orchestra instrument range poster

    Umm, the picture you linked to IS just such a poster:

    You can order it here:

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    Re: Orchestra instrument range poster

    But they are not big enough, and also I prefer to have better quality of it. I saw such a good one in our Music Faculty but I don't remember who or which company was made it.

    Koray Ustuner

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    Re: Orchestra instrument range poster

    I just surfed the web looking for such a resource and can't find anything that matches your request. Can you contact your music facility and inquire as to the manufacturer?

    If you do find the poster, please let us know who makes it...it might be a good resource for us.

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