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Topic: How to do a velocity crossfade?

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    How to do a velocity crossfade?

    I am new to giga. I just loaded my Advanced Orchestra Winds, akai version into giga, and I would like to be able to set up a velocity crossfade between loud and soft samples of of the same instrument on the same channel. Could someone please tell me how this is done?



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    Re: How to do a velocity crossfade?

    Hi Roberto
    Welcome to the world of Gigastudio.

    To make a velocity crossfade is quite easy.
    ( I assume that it is indeed a xfade and not
    just velocity layers ).

    Follow this procedure in the Giga Edit:

    1. In the instrument list, mark the 2 instruments
    you wan\'t to combine ( p and f instruments )
    2. Now right click and choose \'Combine
    instruments\' from the popup menu.
    3. In the \'Combine instrument\' window now
    showing there\'s the 2 intruments listed.
    Place the p instrument at the bottom using
    the arrows. Pick \'Layer\' from the \'Using
    Controller\' list and give the new instrument a
    name and bank/patch number. Click OK
    4. Mark all regions in the the top right window,
    dragging the mouse.
    5. Choose the p layer in the velocity window.
    6. Choose the Mix/layer tab in the bottom
    right window. Set attn. control to your
    prefered controller, eg. Mod.Wheel and mark
    the Invert ( this will make the lower layer
    fade out as you raise the mod.wheel).
    7. Hit the Apply Mix/Layer button.
    8. Now choose the upper layer, the f, in the
    velocity window and repeat 6. , only this
    time don\'t click the Invert box, since you
    wan\'t the f layer to fade in as the mod.wheel
    is raised. Remember to hit the Apply button
    9. Save your gig and thats it.

    You now have a basic xfade instrument. When
    you raise the mod.wheel, your p-layer will
    gradually fade out as the f-layer gradually
    fades in on top of it.


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    Re: How to do a velocity crossfade?

    Thanks! I\'m sure this is only the first if many questions I will have.


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