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Topic: Reselling sample libaries?

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    Reselling sample libaries?

    I've got a few gigasample libraries I've grown rather tired with and so I'm considering selling them off on E-bay or the like. I don't want to do anything illegal so obviously I'd erase all of my own copies of the libraries. So what's the protocol?


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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?


    If they're like most sample libraries, you're stuck with them. Part of the license agreement on most libs is that they cannot be resold. This is standard industry practice and has been discussed quite a bit in the past right here. You can always look on the bright side. You have a lifetime license to use them in your music and no one is going to come after you for royalties.

    To be sure, check with the manufacturer if you are able to do it legally. There are some rare instances where it may be cool. 99% of the time though, a library cannot be resold.


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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    Its illegal to sell samples anywhere... Because unlike hardware you don't actually own the samples but just the license to use it... The samples are still owned by the developers... So when you sell samples to someone you actually cause a loss of income to the developer (via licensing), which is unfair to him/her/them developers... Thats just on the surface of it...

    To take it one step further, you should also be weary about selling your samples... Some developers use watermarking to identify specific samples to the purchasor (or licensee)... So lets say you sell your samples to me, the license to the samples are still tied to you and my name doesn't appear anywhere and so I do not have any responsibility to "protect" the samples... And so if I hand the samples over to a pirate site and samples get copied by everyone and the developer finds out, it will then link it back to you and you could be in trouble and face a law-suit... Which is why a lot of us folks here (I presume!) keep their libraries in a safe place (mine is locked up)...

    So there you go, you cannot sell your libraries...

    Last edited by meeehoon; 09-09-2004 at 11:33 PM. Reason: FV posted while I was typing this up... Oh well...

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    Wow that really sucks for me then. Glad I asked before I did something stupid... Can't say that I'm not pretty pissed about it though. Particularly in the case of my copy of Dan Dean Solo Brass. Now that I've purchased SAM's lineup of brass samples (wonderful collection by the way) I have zero use for the Dan Dean library, which I must say has gotten practically no use in the two years I've owned it anyway. What a crazy waste of money. Curse my spendthrift youth!

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    psssst: GigaPulse.

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    psssst: GigaPulse.

    AO might just take on a new life again.......
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    what if you try to contact directly the library maker and ask him?
    maybe if the new buyer agrees to pays an additional fee to the samples-maker the selling could take place.
    the license of garritan personal orchestra states something about this topic (and i think it's a good thing...)

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    I think you should sell it.... then send the money to the developer. Wonder if that's still 'breaking the law'. Nah, I bet not...

    (don't bother saying the obvious, I know the response)

    BTW... why was it ok for me to sell 'Battery'.... anyone? NI gave me their blessing.....

    I'm just trying to start that WAR thing again...



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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    It would probably more acceptable and easier to "sell you own grandmother", or trade your wife into white slavery.

    (I did both, and used funds to upgrade to GS3 and buy more RAM. Haven't look )back. PC performance now rocks !)

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    Re: Reselling sample libaries?

    Do other SAM users also feel that way about the Dan Dean brass?

    Alex Cremers

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