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Topic: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

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    GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    I don\'t know too much about these yet, I\'m still
    hoping for my other topic to be answered \"Question about Gigastudio 32\".

    Another question is: What\'s the better choice
    between GSampler LE and GStudio 32? Does the polyphony issue matter much? And why should I be
    concerned about HARDWARE OUTPUTS? (GSampler LE
    has only 2; and I\'m using Layla )

    Sorry to sound dense about this .. they sure make it confusing.
    Thanx again.

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    Re: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    The big reason to go with Giga32 over LE is that it\'s the current product. LE is a deadend - no more updates, can\'t run under Win XP, etc. Unless LE is free or close to it you\'re wasting your money, in my opinion.

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    Re: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    Well...GSLE gets you 48 voices of polyphony while GS32 only gives you 32. All of the instruments you\'ll use with any GS use multiple \"voices\". The very simplest instruments use at least 4 - and a really good piano can use 40+ voices up as youre playing it! Therefore, in my humble opinion, you either go with GSLE which comes FREE with a lot of GSIF soundcards these days - or else skip right adead to GS96. GigaSamplerLE doesnt have much sound editing and instrument editing capability compared to GigaStudio, that\'s the main difference - it gives you volume and panning and the real basics. But GSLite is a blast - you still get that great Giga sound just the same, no different from GigaStudio until you want to start editing it.

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    Re: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    So to clarify: if I\'m using Win98SE, Cakewalk 9,
    Cool 2k, and Layla .. and I just want to access
    one .wav file sound at a time, then GS Lite will do the job.


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    Re: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    I dont know the Layla card (or Cakewalk) off hand but yes with GSLite you\'ll have 48 voices that will allow you typically 4 or 5 average gig instruments playing back simultaneously. You make these tracks and playback on a standard MIDI file basis at first with your sequencer configured inside of GS and with your computer\'s hard drive functioning like its your \"synth\". (Select \"GS Endless Wave\" as your Midi Out in Cakewalk device configuration.) THEN you can convert this work to wav in Cakewalk, when youre ready, after youve developed your GS originating tracks in the usual Midi way with Cakewalk.

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    Re: GS Sampler LE vs. GStudio 32

    You\'ve helped tremendously.


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