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Topic: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

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    soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    I am usin RME Multiface and I really LOVE it about quality of AD DA converters. However I'd like to buy new soundcard but I only need good AD DA converter, not multiple in and outs. I'll use it with GigaStudio 3 so It'll be nice if its support GSIF-2 .
    Could you give me some suggestions please.
    What do you think M-Audio Delta 44 or 66 series soundcards. Or are they have same AD DA converter with Delta 1010LT ?

    Thanks in advance
    Koray Ustuner

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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    I have a Delta 66 and I think it is a great card. I've never had any problems with it and Maudio provides great support. I haven't checked to see if they've released GSIF2 yet.

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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    I second that for the Delta 66 - had it for a few years and I've always loved it - excellent fidelity and no driver hassles. Lent it to my brother who normally uses a Creative Labs something-or-other - he didn't want to give it back. I haven't checked out GSIF-2 yet either though.


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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    I have almost the same question. I will be using Sibelius for composing and then gigastudio 3 for sound, and then recording on to CD's. Do I need a very high quality sound card for this since I'll be digital to digital? I don't really do any recording, but it seems like in order to get a high quality sound card, I'm going to need to buy one with those options anyway. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    Danimal: I'm also using Sibelius 3 with GigaStudio 2.5 at the moment and the important thing is I have very low latency. For that reason RME cards has the best result with GigaStudio. And also they have one of the best AD DA converters (in analog model) in it. little bit pricey.... Anyway...
    Using with digital-digital, you dont need AD DA converter in your soundcard (unless if you have really good quality DA outside of the computer) but you need low latency values.
    I'm using RME Multiface with 1.5ms latency without any problems. I tuned my PC according to www.musicxp.net and everything works like charm.
    Shuttle XPC SN41G2 (nForce 2)
    Athlon XP 2500+
    2 x 1 GB 333Mhz Ram

    Koray Ustuner

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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    Thanks for the help. In other words, if I'm not doing any recording, and just burning the finished work on to CD's using Sibelius and Gigastudio 3, I'll just need a sound card with very low latency? Thanks.

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    Re: soundcards DA-AD converter quality

    Tascam has a list of sound cards that have GSIF 2.0 I don't think that any of the M-Audio cards are, at least right now. Here's the link to check it out: http://www.tascamgiga.com/hardware.php I too am looking to get a new soundcard/ interface. I am debating as to whether to get one of Echo's new ones, either the Gina3G or the Layla3G, or whether I should bite the bullet and get the ProTools 002, which would take care of all of my sequencing problems as well.

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