I posted this on the sound card forum...no success to date, so I thought I\'d try on here....

I am a happy Giga user, successfully using the Audiophile card to play my many piano libraries.

I have just started to do multitrack recording (in Cool Edit) and am having difficulty setting the Delta control panel\'s Patchbay/Router settings.
My problem is that I record track 1 , then when I record track 2, what i recorded on track 1, re-records to track 2. I need to be able to monitor my track 1 recording, but don\'t want it to record on track 2....
I have spoken to the Cool Edit people who say the problem is in my Delta control panel settings. I have also emailed M Audio, without a reply to date.
If anyone is using an Audiophile card for Multi track recording, I would be forever grateful if they could let me know their control panel settings....(their patchbay/router and monitor mixer settings)

(I am recording from my midi keyboard, via a 12 channel analog mixer, to the Audiophile inputs. The outputs go to Mackie HR824\'s)

Many thanks