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Topic: Question about Gigastudio 32

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    Question about Gigastudio 32

    Hi gang, I\'m new at this.
    I have a 1.3 GHZ, Cakewalk 9, Layla 20.

    I need a soft-sampler. Looking at GStudio 32.
    Will it allow me to:
    Access/sample .wav files, play them in Cakewalk
    via Midi keyboard; basically taking the place
    of my cheap sound card and it\'s onboard wavetable sounds?
    Then the only thing I\'ll need is a Midi interface, correct?


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    Re: Question about Gigastudio 32

    GigaStudio is a fantastic product but it comes with essentially NO sounds. In order to use it to replace your wavetable sound card you would also have to buy at least a minimal sound library (such as GM500) to go with it. Just so you know. If you\'re talking about playing back your own sounds you will need to be sure that the version you\'re getting includes the GigaStudio Editor application. If I remember correctly, GS32 does not include the editor. GS96 & GS160 do include it.

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    Re: Question about Gigastudio 32

    Thanx Doug,
    I only want to play .wav sounds ..
    do I still need the Editor for that?

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