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Topic: GOS Lite in Kontakt ?

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    GOS Lite in Kontakt ?

    hi there !

    just wanted to ask if someone here is using garritans orchestra strings lite edition(or the advanced or a similiar product) with kontakt. if so: is the giga to kontakt conversion tricky ? has a lot of tweaking to be done. in gos one can e.g. control the warmth of the strings via midi controler. would i have to do this manually in kontakt (midi cc?) or will it work like in giga studio?

    thanx a lot, boro

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    Re: GOS Lite in Kontakt ?

    It can be done..no convertions are too tricky,once u read the tutorials and figure out how Kontakt works. Some people are using CDxtract to do ther convertions. NI is working on making there giga>kontakt convertion better. And i believe Garritan is working on porting his Lib. over to Kontakt soon..Rich

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    Re: GOS Lite in Kontakt ?

    Hi boro, I use GOS Lite in my Kontakt and it didn\'t involve much tweaking - However, the viola had the bad habit of getting out of tune but I fixed that by tune it up 0.23st.
    You need to tweak the expression patches a little to make the expression work again, but it\'s rather easy and I think there\'s a guidence posted here somewhere about how to do it.
    However, I would ask Gary if the Kontakt version is behind the next corner before you buy the Giga version.

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    Re: GOS Lite in Kontakt ?

    Hi rich and falcon 1 !

    this makes it a lot clearer to me. thanx a lot ! yeah I\'d best gonna ask gary about the release date of the kontakt version. but in case it won\'t be out any time soon(I would need gos for a project I\'m working on asap), it\'s cool to know that the conversion is not much of a problem.

    thanx again + greetz + merry x-mas, boro

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