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Topic: note velocity in harps glissando

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    note velocity in harps glissando

    does someone have some short MIDI example of how to properly set the note velocity of the different notes while doing a harp glissando (the typical glissando of "hollywood" scores, in particular)?
    since i'm definitely not an expert of harp technique, i'd like to know something more about this topic.
    for now, i play the notes on the keyboard (using the fantastic harp gliss patch and playing a simple scale) and then try to edit the velocity doing some crescendo.
    but i'm not completely satisfied, since the real performance that i listen to are always better than mine! :-P

    in short, some midi files would be really of help for everyone! :-)

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    Re: note velocity in harps glissando

    Have you tried the harp packets available on Garrian's support page? They may be what you are looking for.

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    Re: note velocity in harps glissando

    do you mean the midi files containing the CC assignements for the different scales to be used with the harp gliss patches? in that case yes. if you refer to other midi packets... please tell me more! :-)

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    Re: note velocity in harps glissando

    I get better glisses by varying the velocities some. They will definitely not sound right if all around the same velocity. Also, you don't want the timing too perfect.

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    Re: note velocity in harps glissando

    When using DP, I randomize attacks approximately 6 above and below (sometimes more) the relative loudness level, for example if everyone is playing around 100 (either velocity or mod wheel setting), I'll randomize between 94 - 106. Often I have to change the volume later so the harp sits at the correct level in the mix. Usually the harp ends up as a texture that's fairly low in the overall sound, so I don't worry about how even it is, but if it's more prevalent I'll vary the timing 5 - 7%.

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