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Topic: FILESPY.SYS Help!

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    I\'ve been getting endless fatal blue screens in Windows XP lately, and they all refer to a file called \"filespy.sys\". A search on the internet brings little help, but it seems it has something to do with my network. Upon examining the file\'s properties, there is a connection to Nemesys: \"Nemesys Filespy\".

    Does *anyone* know what exactly this file is for, if it\'s safe to get rid of it, and what\'s the best way of going about that.

    Thanks in advance and any help offered!

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    Re: FILESPY.SYS Help!

    Make a search for \"filespy\" on the internet, and you will find plenty.

    I don\'t know anything else about it, but I did the search...


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    Re: FILESPY.SYS Help!

    Filespy is part of gstudio...it is the portion that does quickSound database.

    You can disable this feature by going to your settings page and unchecking the auto box there (dont have giga booted right now to give specific directinos)

    Are your giga drives formatted with NTFS? If so, they shouldn\'t be...use FAT32 and 32k or 64k clusters.

    What version of gigasy\\tudio are you using? You need to also make sure you run the 2.5.48 version for win2k / XP ONLY

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