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Topic: VSL Alternation questions

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    VSL Alternation questions

    I am using cakewalk pro 9.0 and gs 2.50 running on xp. I was wondering if it is possible to click notate your tracks in cakewalk first, then play the midi data from cakewalk into the alternation tool to make it sound realistic? If so how would I set it up. Also if that is not possible, is it possible to play on your controller, record the midi data into cakewalk, but before it goes to cakewalk it is sent through the alternation tool?
    It would look something like:

    From Controller => to VSL Altenation => to Cakewalk 9.0 => to Gigastudio 2.5

    Thanks in advance,

    Adam Frechette
    EDI Staff Composer

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    Re: VSL Alternation questions

    the midi routing had to be: controller => cakewalk => (virtual MidiPort in case you are on one machine =>) performance tool => GS (nemesysport)
    hth, christian

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    Re: VSL Alternation questions

    Virtual midi port??? I do want to use one machine just for quick sketches how would I set this up?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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