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Topic: GS3 Poll

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    GS3 Poll

    I'm not sure how to create a poll on NS (maybe restricted to moderators?), but I'd like to see a poll where USERS of GS3 can vote on the stability and/or useability of GS3 out of the box. In the posts, people could expound and include their setup.

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    Re: GS3 Poll

    Some early crashes made things frustrating at first, but great features like more ports, faster loading, more instruments loadable are wonderful. Having some trouble in defining and changing instrument numbers (bank + patch assignments) -- had REALLY hoped that was part of the 'quick edit' feature, but it appears not to be.

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    Re: GS3 Poll

    Features: A. If I could send my waves through GPulse more easily A+.

    Usability: A. I love the UI. It loads fast. I can do things fast on it. I grok it.

    Stability when run in the sweet zone: perfect.

    Stability when run to/past the limit: Too early to tell. I'm getting crashes, but I'm not convinced that I don't have some subtle hardware problem, like a marginal stick of RAM, a fussy driver or something.

    Sound: Great. I can run the GSIF buffer down to 64 samples on my MIA, so latency is excellent. The impulse set with GPulse is very musical. The short bits I'e done with VGS sound very good. Even with the limited articulations, my wife noticed that it sounds more real than some of my other libs.

    System: AMD XP 2200+, Echo MIA 6.08, WinXP Pro fresh install with some minor/conservative tweaks, DirectX 9.0, 1.5 GB RAM, 3 Seagate 7,200 RPM drives - 2 ATA, 1 SATA, Radeon 9500 (or something like that), Sonar 3.11, Sound Forge 5, Vegas 5.


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    Re: GS3 Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by gugliel
    ...Having some trouble in defining and changing instrument numbers (bank + patch assignments)...
    Take a look at the lower right-hand pane at the loaded instruments. I'm not at my GigaPC, but as I recall you can right click a loaded instrument and change Bank and Patch at the performance level. It's even better than in QuickEdit. It's available in the main window.


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    Re: GS3 Poll

    Crashed quite a bit initially until I removed all VST to the blocked list, but now seems to be fine. Haven't really loaded up any big performances yet though.

    But it seems VERY choosey on what VST's it will accept.
    It doesn't like Super Impulse Response for instance.

    Lots of clever well thought out aspects ... especially the Configuration Manager which can be run as a standalone application.

    New DSP station I like a lot.

    GigaPulse sounds great.

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    Re: GS3 Poll

    Rewire Export has not been working for me. I emailed both Tascam and Echo (my soundcard manufacturer) and have not gotten any replies from either yet...

    I also had some msg32.exe (or something) errors when I used giga. It would not allow me to shut down my pc. Not sure if it's related but I uninstalled outlook and haven't had that problem again.

    Otherwise I'm happy to report it's very stable and reliable. I have not put it through its paces too much yet though.

    Now if I can just export via rewire. (the reason I upgraded to this thing)...

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