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Topic: HELP Needed for editing

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    HELP Needed for editing

    I\'ll need to edit some organ samples so they\'ll have instant velocity no matter how hard I play on the keyboard. I\'ll have GigaSampler LE and what I\'ve heard the editor is slightly diffrent from the one in GigaStudio. How do I do!
    Any help is welcome. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: HELP Needed for editing

    The difference between editor versions is relatively minor in terms of basic functions and what you\'re asking is pretty basic. Here goes: assuming you\'re working from a file that already exists, open it, select all the regions that you want to modify, then go to the \"response\" tab in the editor (or find this function if there is no specific tab for it in the old editor). Set the response to \"linear\" and the dynamic range to \"low.\" Hit \"apply\" and save the file. That should do it. - Doug

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    Re: HELP Needed for editing

    I\'ve done all that and saved it like a new gig.
    The big problem is There is NO diffrens.
    The sound still acts the same.

    I\'m now also thinking of putting some nice sweeping filter on some synth-sounds (controled with the mod wheel).
    I tried alter that too, thought somthing must happen. But not a change, still this nasty LFO on the mod wheel.
    What the hell should I do and above all, the editor in LE can\'t even load art files, so the downloaded updates for my newly bought Dan Dean Solo Strings is for no use. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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