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Topic: Giga crashing problem

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    Giga crashing problem

    Hello. I run Giga on a Win98 machine (with a usb motu 4x4 interface) controlled from Logic on a Mac. Sometimes if I start a song in the middle, it\'s like Giga gets overloaded, every instrument plays a note and the Giga PC freezes. If I start at the beginning of a song, it works fine. This happens alot with a Piano track, if I don\'t start at the beginning, I\'ll get a loud bang, like all piano sounds at once and it\'ll lock. This is a really frustrating problem. any ideas?


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    Re: Giga crashing problem

    I have similar problems. Sometimes it crashes repeatedly whilst loading, then I load up in diagnostic mode . Everything seems fine, then it crashes on booting again!

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