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Topic: GigaStudio v2.50.10 + Audigy + Windows XP?

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    GigaStudio v2.50.10 + Audigy + Windows XP?

    Hi All!

    Is there a way to run GigaStudio v2.50.10 with Sound Blaster Audigy DE under Windows XP?



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    Re: GigaStudio v2.50.10 + Audigy + Windows XP?

    From what I\'ve heard, it is impossble to make sblive cards work with windows xp and gigastudio, I could\'t make it work myself (bought another soundcard).. the problems are probably the same with audigy cards. Sorry..

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    Re: GigaStudio v2.50.10 + Audigy + Windows XP?

    Only sound cards with GSIF drivers can work under XP. I\'m sure Tascam/Nemesys are very unhappy about this but Microsoft changed the way they do DirectSound under XP, effectively ending GigaStudio\'s ability to work under DirectSound. So, for now, get a GSIF sound card, downgrade your OS to 98 or ME, or set up your system to dual boot. Those are basically the options. GSIF cards are available from under $150 and can probably coexist fine with your Audigy card.

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