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Topic: GPO's strings....

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    GPO's strings....

    I have a question about GPO's strings. Did these strings come from GOS, or are they original GPO strings, or are GPO's string samples crippled versions of GOS's or what?? The reason I asked is because some of the strings samples in the GOS demos I've heard sound really, really similiar to GPO's strings, so I was just curious.

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    Re: GPO's strings....

    I 'think' they are borrowed from GOS. But I don't get paid to think, so I could be wrong.

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    Re: GPO's strings....

    I believe they're actually newly recorded solo strings. The section sound you hear is a group of the solo strings playing together.

    Correct me if I'm wrong~

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    Re: GPO's strings....


    The GPO section strings are drawn from the same sample pool as GOS. The solos strings are newly recorded.


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