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Topic: Finale: How to get more "Attack"...

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    Finale: How to get more "Attack"...


    I´ve tried for hours and read many threads on that board, but I do not get my String Sounds more attacked. Is it "Velocity"? But which channel is that, is it CC # 73?

    Which String Sound would you use? I´ve tried with "Lush" (which is very lush of course" and with "Sus+Short" which seams better; dry & section strings)
    (At the moment, everything I compose sounds like Barber´s Adagio for Strings... )

    Any idea what to do to get more attacked notes?
    (If possible, a step by step kind of tutorial would be great, as I have to deal with german Finale, and these technical terms sometimes are a little bit tricky translated...)

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: Finale: How to get more "Attack"...

    I think the sus/short strings should be your first choice. In Finale's playback parameters, key velocity should be one of your choices. That controls the attack. The use of accents in Finale will change the default key velocity by the amount defined in that articulation. You might want to try saving your Finale file as a midi, then opening that midi file in a sequencer. In a sequencer you can view just the velocity attacks of midi notes and edit them quickly and individually. You'll have more ability to tweak your playback than Finale gives you.


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    Re: Finale: How to get more "Attack"...

    Just a side note, since I'm an Overture guy now, if you want to check out Overture's ability to use expressions for Bank Changes you could load the Sustain & Shorts into one channel, and then the Short Bows in another and then when you need Staccato or Marcatto sound you could bank change to the articulation you needed. When the update arrives you could do the same thing with the keyswitch patches since those are controllable in Overture with expressions. I will be doing a tutorial on this in a few days so you might want to check it out. Also, check out my graphic window tutorial for Overture since it covers how to use the graphic window in Overture just as you would a sequencer. You could essentially use the Sustain & Short and then tweak the velocity to your desire using the graphic window to get the accented attacks.

    Okay, I'm done hyping Overture.

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    Re: Finale: How to get more "Attack"...

    Hello Harold,

    I too am a a 'Finale' user. I too am having exactly the same problems. I too have tried absolutely everything including standing the MIDI controllers on their head. I then experimented with both 'Overture' and 'Sibelius' and I have to tell you that the string sounds in GPO with all three notation progs are exactly the same. This is not about the notation prog, this is about GPO. There are other posts in the forums on this issue with the string sounds in GPO.

    Having become so frustrated with the string 'problem' I even considered trying GOS even though I can't afford it. In one of my posts I did wonder if Gary had done this so that we would have to buy Garritan String Orchestra as the string sounds in that are fantastic. Try listening to the samples yourself and see if you agree with me. I was told that Gary is not like that and that I should wait for the imminent update in the hope that all will be well for the strings. Looking forward to this eagerly.
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