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Topic: low voulume :pleas help

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    low voulume :pleas help

    Hi everyone:why my gigastudio track sound too low respect my original midi of my Guillemot ISIS ?
    I try every kind of configuration but nothing happen.The master attenuation is on 0db and I try to normalize the akay sample before using in gigastudio but nothing....Pleas help me

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    Re: low voulume :pleas help

    You have the option of using a +6 db boost
    on your instrument ( set in the Editor),
    Also the volume slide in Gigastudio is default set at 90, but could be raised to 127 (its the Midicontroller no.11 - expression)


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    Re: low voulume :pleas help

    There are plenty of places to check volume and gain issues besides GigaStudio: 1) on your soundcard\'s software control panel, 2) in your software sequencer\'s mixer and of course 3) right in GigaStudio on the Midi Mixer.

    I also had pretty low volume from gig instruments until I got serious about optimizing my computer for GigaStudio. Have a look at section 6 of this Tascam document. These tweaks can make a huge overall improvement to GigaStudio depending on your operating system:


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