I want to load Reason somewhere on my network of audio PCs. I would prefer that it be loaded on my GigaStudio 96 machine running Win ME since the CPU horsepower of that machine is mostly unused when running GigaStudio.

The machine is running Win ME and GigaStudio 96 only. I\'m using an Audiophile 2496 card, but only using the spdif output for GigaStudio.

My GSt samples are mostly kept on an external 1394 hard drive. If Reason needs disk access it will have pretty much primary access to the system hard drive.

My sequencer is PTLE running on a separate computer. GSt operates as an outboard sound module only. I do not edit waveforms or run a sequencer on that machine.

Has anyone set up Reason on a machine running GSt? Any problems that I should know about before I jump in?