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Topic: Absolute Disgrace

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    Absolute Disgrace

    Why are we in europe STILL not able to buy or upgrade to Gigastudio3, is it that hard to manufacture DVDS, that we in europe suffer, what about an online download save for samples. It is really annoying the best samples for giga come from europe and we have to wait, not even a decent estimated time schedule from the numpteys at TASCAM. DO i sound annoyed well I AM peeved to say the least , it is the most eagerly awaited software in ages and distribution is absolute kaka.

    Lets hope TASCAM see fit to respond, you guys in the states, well lucky you lot eh!!!

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    Wink Re: Absolute Disgrace

    Maybe they don't dare to release it here in Europe, because there are so many RME audio card users here!

    I think that, unless you really have a real good reason to upgrade, it is better to wait for the first service update and more support from card manufacturers.

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    Re: Absolute Disgrace

    ANY manufacturer that distributes a product globally will require SOME TIME period to distribute that product -- Tascam is no different.

    - If you look at Sonar (created in the US) it took awhile for that to reach Europe
    - If you look at Cubase (created in Germany) it took awhile for that to reach the US.

    Would it be the end of the world if it took an extra month to get GS3 to Europe?

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    Talking Re: Absolute Disgrace

    Someone needs a diaper change.
    If it makes you feel any better, I could order it tomorrow, but I'll show solidarity with the Europeans and wait till it crosses the pond.
    What we record in life, echoes in eternity.

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