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Topic: Realsamples samlpes and demos

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    Realsamples samlpes and demos

    greetings to all,
    i'm not sure if you already know the german sample-maker
    Realsamples ( http://www.sampling-cds.com )

    I recently purchased two of its products, “Electric Bass” and “Real Drum Collection”, and with the agreement of Nikolay Ketterer, libraries productor, I made several original demos for his sounds.
    these demo was actually one of the musical works" of my summer holydays! :-)

    you can find them on my site at the following page:


    (Nikolay liked my demos and will soon publish them on his page... meanwhile i'm also interested in your comments!)

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    Re: Realsamples samlpes and demos

    Very good demos Bosone , I heard the Heavy Metal and the Hard Rock ones and i really liked the sound . Good work
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Realsamples samlpes and demos

    Matteo, I like Jazzy and Heavy Metal. I assume that Jazzy contains GPO winds?

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    Re: Realsamples samlpes and demos

    yes, clarinet and piano on jazzy" are from GPO!

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    Re: Realsamples samlpes and demos

    Nice reminder. Their web looks new to me. Not been there for long... Somebody else have them and some more examples about their use?


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    Re: Realsamples samlpes and demos

    I don't know, they've been posting ebay auctions that keyword spam all over the place (as well as violating EBAY links policy) for a long time now. It's a pain in the butt when you're looking for other stuff to keep tripping across their sinking auctions.

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