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Topic: Gigapulse a mystery?

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    Gigapulse a mystery?

    Can anyone who has worked with this shed some light on it?
    Here are just a few questions

    1) When loading giga piano 2 full convolution, that manual says that to edit the pedal down or pedal up convolution you are supposed to load up the instrument, then go to DSP station and expand the first channel and choose edit??? There are no insterts loaded??? the only way to see anything in Gigapulse is to go back to the instrument loader and (FX right next to the "Q". If you click the triangle you can now see the picture that is in the manual. Am i missing something?

    2) During installation a gigastudio instrument called DT Sounds was installed??? What does this do. Looks like some kind of effect but when you load it nothing happens???

    3) What does MSDEC stand for and what are you supposed to do with it???

    4) Explain how you are supposed to take your own piano libs and somehow get rid of the pedal down samples and use gigpulse instead? I think you are supposed to be able to do this but i don't see anywhere in the manual where it explains it.

    5) I see the Cascade button but how do "chain" gigapulses together like it says in the manual?

    6) when i use the gigapiano resonance as an insert on my piano libraries the sound becomes horribly distorted.

    7) When you Control Click on a round object in the gigapulse placement selection area it changes to 2 arrows? What does this mean?

    8) when ever i click on a new mic placement in multi mode all of the colors go away and i'm left with only yellow, what does this mean???

    All in all i love the new GS3 but jeez, talk about an abreviated manual.



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    Re: Gigapulse a mystery?

    If you think that this is an abbreviated manual, you should check out GS2.5. There was no manual! This is a 100% improvement.

    I can't answer your questions about piano resonances. I haven't gone there yet, but here's a bit that I can add:

    3) The MS in MSDEC is Mid-Side. It's a mic technique that uses one center mic pointed forwards and another side to side. You add the side mic to the center to create a left channel and subtract it from the center to make a right channel. The two advantages are a) you can make stereo from a single position, and b) when you sum L+R you get only the center mic with no phasing errors.

    MSDEC decodes a mid-side recorded sample or impulse. If you don't have any such content, don't worry about it - but you can still try it to see if you like the sound.

    7) Control clicking lets you work with a stereo source. Ctrl-click a mic, then a chair. That microphone will then be linked to that chair and will be used to record it. Do that twice and you have a stereo source being recorded by stereo mics. It's perfect for recording a section. Picture the instrument ranging from the left chair to the right chair. Pan to the center before the signal reaches GPulse and the signal will be between the chairs. It's perfect for recording a string quartet. You can set how wide the quartet will be seated and then pre-pan the four sources to put them in line. Now you've seated four players with one instance of GPulse. Pretty cool. It could also work with a stereo piano sample set.

    8) If you click a single chair (no ctrl key), that's where the source will be seated. Select a couple of mics. You're good to go. This is best for mono material.

    I can't answer it all, but I hope that helps. (And I'm even 90% sure that it's correct. )


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    Re: Gigapulse a mystery?

    Thanks JonFairHurst, I have lots more questions. I will post some more later. I realize that everybody is just getting this product and trying to figure it out as well.

    Thanks for the answers you did give and they make sense. I will give it a shot and see if i really do understand.

    The embedded effects thing is just a total mystery so far, what the manual says and what is on my screen really don't match so that makes it hard, plus i really don't think i have a very clear understanding of how it's supposed to work so i'm sure i'm making some very dumb assumptions!

    Hopefully in the coming days we will all understand it better!

    Thanks again,


    BTW do you have a file called SISS stack con sordino strings on your machine???

    This is one of the files that is used in the manual but i can't find it on my hard drive anywhere...

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