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Topic: Faust The Final

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    Faust The Final

    Hi all,

    I'm doing the music for a play based on Faust (by Goethe).
    This is a short instrumental mood setting to support a scene where Marghuarita prayes for her rescue from evil and death...

    Marghuarita's Prayer (play it nice and loud through your headphones )

    also added the second part (directly after Marghuarita's prayer)
    The past comes up

    It is allso the theme for a bigger piece around the faust play.

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    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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    Re: Faust The Final

    You want the hard balled criticism? You shouldn't post good works then.

    The only thing I'd say is that the solos stand out a bit too much in the mix (in Margarittaville's Prayer anyway.) The mix is also kind of dry to my taste, but that's a personal thing. Pretty good though, I like it.

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    Talking Re: Faust The Final

    LOL Thanx Joseph,

    but I agree about the solo's standing out. This is partially me being a beginner with GPO and Nuendo, I can't get the volumes under control yet (they seem to be different every time I restart the computer...)

    Anyway, I think the second piece is much better now, with the solo cello turned into a cello section...

    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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    Re: Faust The Final

    The melody and instrumentation are lovely, but I'd work on legato some more - the notes feel too, um, detached one from another (that makes sense??) to me in the solo instruments and the background strings in part two.

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    Re: Faust The Final

    Yep, that makes sense thanks!

    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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