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Topic: ReValver NFX

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    ReValver NFX

    Hi there,

    does anybody know if and whe nyes when Alien Connections will bring out there ReValver Plugin for GigaStudio? On there website I can only find the announcment from May 2001 that they will develop a NFX version but nothing more. I emailed them also but never got any response.

    For now I try to work around that problem via cubase. I route my Giga signal into Cubase and apply the ReValverDX or WarpVST on it, but I can\'t play the midi notes and listen to the FX at the same time. It does only work with already recorded midi notes which is quite annoying. Has somebody any solution for this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: ReValver NFX

    When I asked this question at the Alien Connections forum they deleted my question immediately. I guess this says everything.
    For Creamware users there is a \"guitar amp\" plug- in at celmos website. (www.celmo.com)~ 60,- €

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    Re: ReValver NFX

    Sonar 2 comes with the ReValver SE plug-in (DXi). Has anyone had much luck using it in real time with GigaStudio? As in Cubase, I can only use it during playback.


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    Re: ReValver NFX

    As regards real-time monitoring with ReValver, I just found some instructions at the Alien Connections site. However, I don\'t know if it will be of much use to non-Sonar users:

    http://www.alienconnections.com/cgi-bin/template_reference.cgi?tc=/kb/sonar_re altime&SPECIAL=DXI


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