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Topic: I'm new here. Hello!

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    I'm new here. Hello!

    Just wanted to say hello. I like this forum alot.
    I've been getting into sampling more heavily lately,
    though i'm really a guitar player.
    I have a pretty cool system/

    P4 3ghz Logic 5.5 / Delta 1010/ Mackie HR824's
    All Emagic Synths
    Exs 24
    Pro 53
    Arturia moog
    CS 80
    Quantum leap Orchestra Gold
    Scarbee wurlitzer
    Drumkit from hell Superior and part 1
    Universal audio Powered Plugins
    All the Waves bundles/ IR reverb(it rocks)
    Most of the PSP plugins
    NI Guitar Rig
    Aphex Thermionics model 1100 preamp

    Looking forward to talking shop with all you's people's.

    Here are some clips of things i like to do. Ranging from
    solo classical guitar, to electric fusion, to orchestra.

    Cheers all,
    Todd K.

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    Hi Todd!

    And Welcome to NS!

    I shot for the fusion demo first (as that is my main thing along with what they used to call “art rock”). Very awesome! I’m still downloading the other stuff. How do you like that NI Guitar Rig? I have Amplitube (but then I am not a guitarist and just run guitar samples through it.)

    This is kind of refreshing. It’s like “Hi! I’m new. Here is my music”. No musical politics or BS, just “Here I am and hello!”. Well Hello Todd! And thanks for joining us ! I have made a lot of friends here, and though this place can get a little nuts, it is more valuable than a stack of libraries. There are some real talented folks here. With you, we add yet another. Welcome!

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Glad you dug the fusion thing. That's DKFH 1, Trilogy, Evp 88, and my
    Telecaster through the Pod. That was pre-Guitar rig.

    Guitar rig is awesome! I love the way you can keep adding
    cabinets and mics until the cows come home!!

    NI makes great stuff. I'm currently enjoying my newest
    purchase, QLSO Gold. Great stuff.

    This is a great time to be a home recordist.. ITs Craziness!


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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    g'day todd

    I'm pretty new here too.

    I second that, now is a great time to be alive and making music.

    you have a pretty awesome setup too, which is cool - I also have a 1010.

    Nice tracks, really enjoyed fusion.mp3 - great guitar playing in there.

    good stuff, cya round.
    I guarantee you'll be
    somewhat mesmerised...

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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Awesome classical guitar playing on Mazurka! Have you checked out Lindsey Buckingham's "Out of the Cradle"? If you haven't, you really should check it out. It's got some absolutely beautiful classical guitar playing, and this sort of reminds me of some parts on that album.

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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Alex and Greatzed! Great sites, both of you.

    Great music and mixes too. There sure are alot of musical
    people around this place. I'm really glad i found it.

    I have already learned a ton and i just got here!

    Be seein ya'll,

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    Hi Todd,

    I am a composer/producer/pianist from New York. I really like your music, very talented and musical too! Sensitive use of the equipment. I have found Northern Sounds to be a very helpful place, full of talent and valuable ideas. I am glad you have found this place and shared your beautiful music with us. (I have a jazz and fusion background too., classical as well in the early days.) I noticed we have some of the same software. Here is my humble rig:
    (2) P4's
    Sonar 3.1 (soon to be Sonar 4, a great update)
    B4 (love it)
    Trilogy (Can't live without it. <hehe>)
    Peter Siedlechek's Advanced Orchestra (I know, I need to get new orch. but money's tight, hehe)
    Sonic Implants guitars and Drums Sets
    Symphony Of Voices (I am a big Spectrasonics fan)
    PMI Pianos (Brilliant!) Thanks Michel!
    Bardstown Audio Bosendorfer (Also, Brilliant!) Thanks Kip!
    V-Drums Pro
    I use mostly Neumann mikes

    Things I hope to get someday:
    VSL, Garritan, EWQL, everything Scarbee does, Sam Horns, Dan Dean Library. I have to wait though, times have been hard here since 911.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi back and welcome you. I am about to repost my web site that contains my music and when I do I will email you the link.


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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Welcome to NS Todd.
    Enjoyed your music very much.
    The guitar playing in the fusion piece is reminicant of Scott Henderson. Very nice nylon piece as well...
    I'm glad another talented fusion player joins the ranks of NS.

    Hey Garius, how is it going? I hope you're well and remain inspired.

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    Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Hi Todd,

    I too wish to welcome you. Yes, you do have a pretty cool set up, but if it were mine, I'd happily throw it all away if I could play the guitar half as well as you. The Mazurka piece was so expressive; WOW! My only criticism is: It was lovely, sadly emotive, and moving. Bravo!

    I'm just getting started, and here is my little DAW rig:

    P4 2.66Ghz, 1 gig RAM, M-Audio Omni Studio, GPO, full Kontakt, Sonar 3SE (w/free upgrade to 4) coming in the mail, Adobe Audition, and two Yamaha kbs that work as controllers, though they're not primarily meant to be: PSR540 and P120.

    You'll find an amazing group of folks here, many of whom are so busy doing pro work that I can't believe they're generous enough to take the time and trouble to answer my dumb questions. But they do, nonetheless. And I'm more than appreciative.

    You most definitely came to the right place.


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    Talking Re: I'm new here. Hello!

    Hey P!

    I keep following you and your music. Someday, you will have to visit me here in Manhattan. That would be fun. Do you ever attend Film Music Network events here? I have met a lot of cool people there. Also, I tried your links to your sites but they were down. You might check that from your Northern Sounds profile.


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