For people with more than 1 gig of memory (RAM):

Question: Have you been able to load more than 1 gig of instruments in a performance?

Question: What is your hardware and software configuration if you have or have not?

How to try: open a NEW performance file. Drag and Drop as many GIG files as you can from QuickSound to the performance making sure they are all different filenames.

Flip over to task manager, or run msconfig32.exe and see how much memory is utilized. Load ALOT of sounds say 1.5gig worth so you dont get any math error that giga or the system may report.

I believe many people may have 1 gig machines, or that they may have more than 1 gig but giga doesnt recognize anything over 1 gig. And Ill bet many never tried this!

We may then ask what are the rela benefits from moving to XP or Win2000 if it cannot be utilized to its strength?