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Topic: clicks with note off samples

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    Question clicks with note off samples

    I am getting clicks when I release a note with some samples in Halion 2. They are gigapiano samples that I have imported. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Any ideas on what is causing this?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: clicks with note off samples

    I've never used HALion, but I had a similar problem to you just recently, in Kontakt - I was getting clicks when releasing notes when playing a home brew Giga-instrument. The problem was simply that the release times were set very low (1ms = 0.001s) - Gigastudio will not actually reproduce such a fast release, it will limit it to about 7ms. So, in Gigastudio, the releases sounded smooth.
    Kontakt, on the other hand, was presumably reproducing the fast releases faithfully, which resulted in the clicking. I bumped the release times up to 20ms
    in Gigastudio, and that fixed the problem in Kontakt. Perhaps you have a similar kind of issue - just a guess.


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    Question Re: clicks with note off samples

    I'm having a similar problem with post-release clicks. I get a click sound c.2/3 second after releasing a note. I also get a click c.2/3 second after pressing a key until the note fully decays.

    Hitting a note softer or harder doesn't change either the timing or the volume of the click.

    On the DCA side In Halion 2.0, the REL. ENV is set to NoteOff Velocity. Changing the setting doesn't affect the click.

    Is it possible to manually change the release delay in Hal 2.0?

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