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Topic: MP3 download Q:

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    MP3 download Q:

    Hi All,

    I would like to spend more time listening to music demos, (There are so many highly gifted folks here!) but my slow dial-up makes it a hassle, a time consuming download chore that pretty much locks up my Dell for doing other things. My question is this:

    Is there a way to queue the music files, so that I can go to sleep or work and the PC will download a file, then another, then another, etc. as I've pre-programmed it to do, so I can then listen later without tying up my bandwidth?


    PS: I have both IE and the Opera browser for effecting the transfers. Maybe there's a little utility or something...


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    Re: MP3 download Q:

    I use NetPumper (www.netpumper.com), and I'm sure there's more of such utilities lying around the net.

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