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Topic: Key swiches

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    Key swiches

    Helo all,
    My name is Lauri and I just bought GPO and joined to this site.
    I have been GOS lite user for few years. I transfered GOS from Giga in to Halion format to get an advantage of VST. Also Gigastudio 24 that came with
    Audiophile soundcard crashed my system quite often.
    I also did my own keyswitch configuration that at least for me is more useful than those suplied with GPO. I´ll explain it later.

    After playing around with GPO for some hours I must confes to be very pleased of the sounds and the simplicity of controllin instruments.
    However one thing considering the key switches remain a bit unclear.

    I take a sound called VLNS KS COMBO as an example.
    How comes that it ommits normal sustained sound?
    In working out, say, a string section score it´s not comforable to write normal sustained sound to one MIDI track and Pizzicoto or tremolo to another. I´d rather used key switsches in the same track, which also correspods to the same stave in the score window.
    For my disappointment these Kontact files don´t convert to Halion format
    (as some others Kontact files does) so that I could make my own KS conficuration.
    It is not a good idea to buy full Konttakt just for this.

    Garry Garritan, if you read this, would you take this as a suggestion?
    Give us a KS combo set for string that consist:
    -normal sustained
    These tree are most used and deserved rapid swiching between.
    Or maybe someone in the forum has this allready done...?

    After messing around with Garritan Orchestral String lite for quit a long time, I ended up with following ks configuration:

    1.normal sustained
    2."sforzzando" (that consist a staccato type and sustained sound faded from one to another by mod wheel.
    3. pizzicato
    The swiching keys are the same for all instuments: Four leftmost keys of 88 key keyboard.

    To keep my mail short I stop now:-)

    Thank you!


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    Re: Key swiches

    Lauri, the keyswitch patches in GPO are activated like any other keyswitch patch. You need to insert the proper pitch into the track before the first note of the new articulation. The only problem with the original library is that there is no way to get back to the sustained patch once you change the articulation (a Kontakt player issue.) The listing of the proper pitches is in the manual. Also, before the weekend is out, I hope to have available a tutorial on how to use the keyswitch patches in Overture SE. I normally use each articulation instead of keyswitch patches, since you can't get back to the sustains. I will also have a tutorial about how to do patch changes in Overture SE.

    The keyswitching has been improved in the new library update... hint hint.

    I'll probably get hanged for saying that.

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    Re: Key swiches


    The keyswitched instruments in the present (released) version of GPO are consistent with what could be accomplished on the older version of Kontakt that was used in the programming of GPO. The sustains were not included in the keyswitched instrument because it was not possible to include it at that time. The earlier version of Kontakt had a system of group switching that was “mutually exclusive” so instruments with legato mode switching could not also use keyswitching (or other types of switching). Fortunately, the latest versions of Kontakt have removed this limitation and the update will include keyswitched instruments that reflect this change. Excuse me, now I have to go and prepare the scaffolding for Joseph. Dawn comes early and the rope must be properly prepared.


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    Re: Key swiches

    Bad news that sustained sound can´t be included in ks patch,

    good news is that in future it is possible, as far as I got it right.


    P.S. just curious, what´s the crime that couses an execution of Joseph?

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    Re: Key swiches


    “P.S. just curious, what´s the crime that couses an execution of Joseph?”

    I could use the old joke: “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you too,” but it actually has to do with 2 large dogs, some underwear, and a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers – it’s not a pretty story and it would spoil your whole weekend. Best to leave it alone.


    P.S. Joseph was referring to revealing information about an unreleased product.

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    Re: Key swiches

    [QUOTE=Tom Hopkins] it actually has to do with 2 large dogs, some underwear, and a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers
    Oh my gawd you mean those rumours are true!

    mick ó c

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    Re: Key swiches

    OK Tom, I leave it alone


    P.S. I though you vere "referring to revealing information about an unreleased product" but this is not my native tongue, so I don´t understand really what people are talking about.

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    Re: Key swiches


    ". . . but this is not my native tongue, so I don´t understand really what people are talking about."

    Neither do we, and it's supposed to be our first language! Actually, you seem to be doing just fine communicating your ideas and questions. You just end up having to walk through the "mine field" of our jokes, probably not easy to understand in translation.


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