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Topic: Explain the 1 octave deal

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    Explain the 1 octave deal

    I am reading some posts here and people are saying that certain instruments in VSL only play one octave. Is that because they are loading lite versions, or because it is all that is included in this version of VSL.

    Is it a Demo version?

    How much to upgrade to the full version?

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    Re: Explain the 1 octave deal

    The Vienna Giga Symphony is a lite version that comes for free with GS3 Orchestral. It includes the full instrument ranges, but only the basic articulations.

    The most desirable articulations from VSL are the legato ones. GS3 includes some VSL legato demos: one octave of solo clarinet and one octave of ensemble violas - and they sound great. These articulations include the basic notes - plus the transition from every note to every other note. This let us play smooth runs very realistically.


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