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Topic: GS3 Test Drive

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    Arrow GS3/Gigapulse Demo Take

    Yes, I got an upgrade for fifty bucks! Did some doodling this afternoon and came up with this very rough improv:


    I was just trying the feel of Gigapulse even if I could hardly understand how it works... but it sounds awesome! The piano is the infamous Art Vista Malmsjo and the Clarinet is the legato performance demo that came with GS3. Yup, I just had to make do with one octave of heaven.

    What I like best about GS3 is the offline bouncing via ReWire (which saves a lot of time) and of course, Gigapulse.

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    That was beautiful Nhick!

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    Re: GS3 Test Drive

    Thanks, Hans!

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    Re: GS3 Test Drive

    Sounds like fun!

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    Re: GS3 Test Drive

    Nice Nhick.
    The Malmsjo & clarinet sound awesome!
    Can't wait to run my Malmsjo through Gigapulse.
    What we record in life, echoes in eternity.

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    Re: GS3 Test Drive

    I tried to compare this Malmsjo excerpt and a Malsmsjo demo (liebesdraum) ..... I can't hear the difference to be honest. Maybe my ears are not sensitive enough ....

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